July 14, 2019

Karen Sterling-Casey

"Told Eddie what was going on and he already seemed to know what the problem was. He came to the house and fixed the problem quickly."
February 14, 2019

Richard R.

"Eddie was great! He responded to my estimate request early (3:20 AM) with much as up front pricing you can do based on what I could give. A polite and personal email response. This was also the only estimate with any pricing we received when I woke up on this morning. I had already researched and knew getting the hot water heater I needed would be difficult due to where it is installed and the space available here. I also knew about what this would cost wholesale. Asked to proceed and he was here exactly when he said he would arrive. Everything is pretty good so far.Now this is where it goes above what I expected - After seeing the layout there was only this particular water heater as an option. Eddie was up front about the cost of the unit (I had researched) and this reflected his original estimate. I didn't have a home warranty and do not have much experience working with any finance company. I tried to apply on his site but it was not working. Eddie personally called the finance company to assist and it turned out my personal credit lock was preventing the application from going through. I fixed this and he then walked me through the financing directly with his business account rep all the while lining up the rest of the job.The water heater had burst but not in a location to cause damage. I did have cold water as I found the valve to shut off water to the tank. I told Eddie and his office it wasn't an emergency but would like it fixed as soon as possible. However, Eddie treated it as such. In less than 4 hours from responding to Eddie's initial quote I had hot water.Professional, punctual, courteous, and was able to finish a difficult fix quickly."
January 19, 2019

Anthony Scalabrino

""Eddie came to the rescue on a SUNDAY when all the other places were closed. He came from Fayetteville to Raleigh and didn’t charge me an extra for a “after hours” or “weekend” fee. He fixed my shower valve in the wall (softball sized opening) without damaging any of the tile, sheet rock, or dry wall. I will use him again for sure! Thanks!""
January 3, 2019

Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky

"Perhaps I'm not a handyman, but I can tell a good job from bad. The story: I bought a toilet tank kit to replace the insides of the tank and I thought it would take me one hour max. Maybe the kit didn't quite fit, or maybe I'm just that bad, but at the end of the ordeal I had leaks from various places, plus, I broke the shut off valve. Spent about 5 hours laying on the wet floor. At this time, around Christmas, it's been hard to find someone to come over, especially at 9 PM. Well, they did and all I can say, it was amazing. Kind of like an emergency surgery (and in fact, I think surgery is a kind of plumbing) - full focus on the job, actually running (not walking) back to the truck for supplies. "Give me the scalpel", except "give me the wrench", in this case. I am impressed."
December 12, 2018


"Eddie is an angel; it is December 9, and I am in a snow storm. I discovered my hot water heating was leaking and I went through google at least 5 times and no one answered and those that did were not coming out in the storm. By divine intervention, I got Eddie on the other end and he came over and stayed until the problem was fixed and I was able to use my water again. Eddie was professional and kind which is a great quality to have. I highly recommend Eddie for all of your plumbing needs."