Five Tips for Assessing Plumbing Contractors in Cumberland County, NC

Whether your business is an office or a retail establishment, functional plumbing is necessary for worker and customer health and avoiding a harsh review on Yelp. Choosing among the many plumbing contractors in Cumberland County, NC may seem challenging, but it is possible to find one who works well for you. As you assess them, here are five tips to make this task easy and effective:

  • Ask about experience: Many plumbers place years of experience on their business cards or website, but if you do not see it, ask. The amount of time a plumbing contractor has been in business is a good indication of experience and dedication. Even if the company is relatively new, your plumber may have worked for others before starting a new venture and you will still have experience on your side. Longevity is a good indication of quality work and a strong reputation in the community.
  • Cover the legal aspects: Plumbing contractors should be licensed, bonded and insured. You can check with the state contractor’s board to see if these are current. Besides insurance against shoddy work or damage to your building, a plumbing company should also carry workers’ compensation insurance in case an injury happens on your premises. Contractors who cut these corners may charge you less, but you will make up for it in higher premium costs for business insurance and ordering more repairs for poorly completed work.
  • Ask for estimates: If you need help with a large plumbing project, request a written estimate. It should show all the steps needed to complete the work, as well as the cost of labor and materials. Be wary if all that is offered is a business card with a number figure scribbled on the back—that does not hold the contractor to any work standards, and there is too much room for an estimate to change. As you receive bids, do not automatically go for the least expensive one. While cost should be a consideration, placing it above quality may lead to regrets later.
  • Request guarantees: All reputable contractors include guarantees and warranties with their work. They should be willing to fix anything that goes horribly wrong and do so in a timely manner. If there are no guaranteed warranties or they are offered under very restrictive terms, consider moving on to the next contractor. You do not want to be in an unenviable situation with no remedies.
  • Ask for references: The business community is willing to discuss contractors and how they feel about them. Request references from other business entities that have used the contractor so you can see how they feel about the work. If a contractor does not have references or refuses to give them, there may be a reason for that. Avoid that plumber and consider someone else.

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