Signs That Your Water Filter Isn’t Doing Its Job

Millions of homeowners rely on water filtration systems to supply their homes with fresh, clean water that’s free of contaminants and impurities. While these systems are designed for reliability and efficiency, they won’t last forever, and eventually their performance may start to decline. When this happens, your water quality may begin to decrease, which can lead to a lot of problems, including health problems for you and your family. With this in mind, it’s important to understand some of the key signs of issues with water filtration systems in Raleigh, NC:

  • Unusual plumbing noises: If your faucets are making strange noises after you have a water filtration system installed, it’s possible that the installation wasn’t done properly. It’s common for you to hear some unusual noises after your system is first installed, but if they don’t go away over time, it’s a sign that something is wrong. This issue is especially common with reverse osmosis filters. If you are thinking about having a reverse osmosis system installed, you should make sure to ask your plumbing technician about what you can expect from your new system so that you can tell when something is amiss.
  • Lower water pressure: A gradual decline in water pressure from your faucets may indicate that your filtration system is not performing efficiently. The filter in your system will collect particles and debris, and these things can build up and obstruct water flow over time. Oftentimes, this issue is simple to fix and just requires a basic filter change.
  • Changes in the taste, smell or appearance of water: Any changes in the way your water tastes, smells or looks can indicate an issue with your water filtration system. If you notice changes like these, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible to get the issue resolved. In the meantime, you should consider using a secondary water purifier or filter to ensure that the water you use to drink and cook with is as clean as possible.

What to do when filtration systems stop working

When you notice issues with your water filtration system, it’s important to reach out to a professional for help. A plumber who specializes in water filtration systems in Raleigh, NC will be able to thoroughly assess the condition of your filtration system and determine what the source of the problem is. Once they have inspected your system, they can provide you with their recommendations for repair or system replacement.

Get help with your water filtration system in Raleigh, NC

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