Six Tips for Selecting a Trustworthy Plumber

Your drain is clogged and overflowing rapidly. You need to call a plumber immediately, but you don’t have time to waste in doing thorough research on all of the plumbers in Raleigh, NC! You need someone you can trust right now.

Before you dial the very first number that Google gives you, take two minutes to make the right choice! Here are six tips for selecting a trustworthy plumber—all of which can be accomplished in almost no time at all, thanks to the power of your smartphone:

  1. Check the website: Does it actually exist? Does it outline their services? Does it provide you with the information you need to choose this plumber? Do a quick search online and see what it turns up. This is a great starting point and will give you all the background you need on a company.
  2. Check for a BBB rating: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) will provide a quick rating of the business based on complaints, feedback and time in business. If the company has an A+ rating, they’re probably pretty safe to work with! If they’ve got tons of unresolved complaints and a D or F rating, keep looking.
  3. Check for credentials: Are they licensed, bonded and insured? If not, you could be leaving yourself open and liable for a bad job. Licensed companies have to maintain their certification, which means having proper insurance policies and training. Forgoing official credentials to save a few bucks could leave your plumbing problem worse off.
  4. Check reviews: There is no shortage of reviews available online. Google has easily accessible reviews right on the search results pages, while sites like Yelp and Angie’s List will offer up even more customer accounts for you to quickly peruse. Reviews will tell you exactly what you’re in for and can help you avoid a bad service experience.
  5. See if someone answers: If you call a plumber in Raleigh, NC and they don’t answer, it’s not like you can leave a message and wait for them to get back to you. You need help now! If they don’t answer, it’s a good bet they’re either too busy to take on your job or not organized enough to field your call. Many fly-by-night companies will use an answering service to make it harder to track them down after they have your money.
  6. See if they offer quotes: A reputable plumber will offer you a quote ahead of any work they’re going to do. This sets expectations for both parties. A company that refuses to give you a quote is one to be wary of! They may be hiding fees, looking for reasons to upcharge you or they could be waiting to see how much they can take you for!

The fact is, most plumbers are reliable and have a vested interest in helping you resolve your plumbing issues. Like any profession, there are just a few bad apples out there that make people wary—especially at a time when they’re vulnerable and need help right away. Follow the above tips and you’ll be just fine the next time you need to call a plumber.

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