DIY Plumbing Can Be Costly—Here’s How

When you’re a homeowner, you are on the hook for all kinds of expenses. You have to pay your utility bills and mortgage, handle repairs and buy groceries—and those are just the basics. So, it’s only reasonable that you might want to save yourself any expenses possible.

For many first-time homeowners, at-home plumbing work seems like a perfect way to save some cash. Be careful, though—plumbing is extremely complicated, and it’s very easy to make mistakes. DIY plumbing in Raleigh, NC could end up costing you much more than you thought if you go in without sufficient knowledge. Here are some common mistakes to consider before you pick up a wrench.

Misuse of plumber’s tape

Tape is easy to use, right? Just make sure the sticky part points down. So, when a project calls for the use of plumber’s tape, you probably figure it’s self-explanatory. You’d be mistaken. Often, novice DIY-ers can undermine an entire project by using too much plumber’s tape, using too little or even applying it incorrectly. There are also a variety of different kinds of plumber’s tape, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all choice.

Turn off the water

One of the primary benefits of the plumbing system in your home is that it keeps water off your home’s floors and surfaces. When you try your hand at plumbing, you could end up with water pooling (or even flooding) into your home the moment you loosen a fixture enough to allow a dribble through. Before you start a plumbing job, make sure you locate your home’s primary water source—turning off the water can save your Raleigh, NC home from flooding.

The drain cleaner mistake

DIY plumbing doesn’t get any simpler than clearing a clogged sink with some drain cleaner, right? You just read the instructions on the back of the bottle and pour it in. In fact, an over-the-counter drain cleaner can prove very corrosive on your pipes and fixtures. Avoid these unsafe drain cleaners in Raleigh, NC—the easiest, safest and most reliable way to clear a clog is to remove the U-bend and then clear it with a plumbing snake.


When you’re closing the connections on a new fixture, you definitely want to make sure they are as tight as possible, right? Wrong. If you overtighten your fittings, you could cause it to crack. When that happens, you may not notice any issues right away. Several weeks or months later, however, you could wake up to find a big puddle of water on your floor.

Don’t risk a catastrophe

When it comes to DIY plumbing in Raleigh, NC, the smartest thing you can do for your home, for your budget and for your sanity is to just skip it. One call to Affordable Plumbing Call Us 1st, Inc. and you can rest assured that you are getting exceptional plumbing services at a price that won’t break the bank. Best of all, the only finger you’ll have to lift is the one you use to dial.

For the best plumbing service in the area, make it Affordable Plumbing Call Us 1st, Inc. Call today—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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