Signs That You Need to Repipe Your Home or Business

It should go without saying that the pipes in your home won’t last forever, and there may come a time when they’ll need to be replaced with new ones. The longer you wait to repipe your home, the more expensive the procedure can be. For that reason, it’s essential that you know the signs that your house needs new piping. This post will cover a few of those signs so you’ll know when it’s time to call a plumber for help:

  • Bad odors: The first thing you’ll notice if your pipes are aging is water that smells and tastes bad. This is a sign that the pipes are beginning to deteriorate and leave behind particles in the water. Of course, bad smell could also just indicate clogged pipes in Raleigh, NC, so be sure to call a plumber to find out the cause of the problem.
  • Water discoloration: Those particles won’t just leave a funky taste and smell—they’ll also make the water appear murky and red in color. This is a sign of rust and corrosion, and it means it’s time to replace the pipes before the rust problem gets worse.
  • Corrosion: Reddish brown water means that there’s corrosion inside the pipe, but you can also tell that there’s a rust or corrosion problem by taking a look at the outside of the pipe. If your pipes look rusty, you might want to consider having them replaced before there’s further trouble with your plumbing system.
  • Loud noises: Banging noises coming from behind the walls when you turn the faucet on should not be considered a normal issue. If you hear loud noises when the water is running, it’s typically a sign that your pipes are getting up there in age and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
  • Temperature issues: Does your water temperature fluctuate rapidly with the slightest touch of the handle, or do you have to turn the handle for a long time to raise or lower the temperature? In either scenario, it means that you should bring in a plumber to address the problem. You either have an issue with your water heater, or your pipes need to be replaced.
  • Low water pressure: Unless someone flushes the toilet, the water pressure shouldn’t start to drop while you’re in the shower. If that’s a regular scenario, or if the water pressure has gotten a lot lower than it used to be, you probably need to have a plumber take a look at your pipes. You may not need all new piping, but there’s clearly something amiss that needs to be addressed.
  • Leaks: Pipes can start to leak for a variety of reasons. If you’re noticing leaks throughout multiple parts of your home, it’s most likely due to old age, which means your home needs to be repiped.

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