Homeowner Tips for Keeping Plumbing Pipes from Clogging

A toilet clog is bad. A sink backup is a headache. If you get drain clogs all the time, then it’s time to get a handle on your residential plumbing. Do this by practicing preventative maintenance and scheduling professional drain cleaning service. Below, our licensed plumbers in Raleigh, NC share some tips for keeping home plumbing pipes from clogging.

Scrape plates into the trash

Before rinsing your dishes in the kitchen sink, scrape food scraps into the trash can. Bones, vegetable peels, oil, fat and starchy foods should never be washed down the sink. Tiny pieces of soft food debris can go through the garbage disposal, but you should not rely on this device to break down and flush it all down the drain. And instead of flushing oil and grease, it’s best to pour them into disposable containers. Seal the grease container and let it cool before putting it in the garbage can.

Run water with the garbage disposal

When you do use the garbage disposal, always keep a constant stream of cold water running. The garbage disposal uses this water stream to move water and food debris through the blades and through the plumbing pipes. Don’t use hot water, because it’s not as good at moving food material through the disposal and the plumbing system. Additionally, hot water tends to make materials congeal, then get stuck on disposal blades or the walls of pipes.

If you use the disposal without running cold water at the same time, it won’t be able to do its job. This could also damage the system. Another tip is to turn on the cold water and let it run for a few seconds before starting the disposal. The water acts as a lubricant to grind up and move material through more quietly.

Use drain screens

Drain screens are inexpensive and very useful items. Placing a screen or grate over bathroom sink drains, kitchen sink drains and shower drains can keep solid materials from entering the drain pipes where they can settle and turn into clogs. Stuff like food, hair and some dirt can’t pass through the screen, but water and sudsy cleaning soaps can pass through without issue. Keep in mind that drain grates won’t stop harmful liquids like grease and oil from getting in.

Be sure to clean out drain screens and grates often. Remove debris that’s collected in the screen and throw it away in the trash. Clean screens periodically with soap and water.

Avoid chemical cleaners

Your home drains are likely to clog up from time to time. When one does, refrain from using chemical cleaners that contain harsh ingredients. Drain cleaning products that contain acidic properties may unclog your drains, but their acid will also corrode your plumping pipes. Once corroded, pipes become more prone to leaking.

If your household is experiencing clog after clog, it may be time for professional drain cleaning. Reach out to Affordable Plumbing Call Us 1st, Inc. today to hire some of the most knowledgeable licensed plumbers in Raleigh, NC!

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