The Anatomy of Your Toilet

People use toilets every day, but don’t always know very much about how they actually work. Even the basic aspects of how a toilet functions are unknown to many people, and that can make it difficult for homeowners to know how to prevent and address toilet-related plumbing issues. If you’re wondering, “How does a toilet work?” keep reading for some helpful information and for some tips to keep your toilet working properly in Raleigh, NC.

How does a toilet work in Raleigh, NC?

Without having an understanding of the parts that make up a toilet or how they work, it can be much harder to figure out how to fix problems when they arise. Knowing how a toilet works can make maintenance and repairs a lot easier. So, what are the parts inside your toilet in Raleigh, NC, and how exactly do they work? Here are the major parts of a toilet:

  • Toilet base: The toilet base is attached to the bathroom floor with a flange and a wax ring insert that creates a strong seal around the toilet. Closet bolts are used to bolt the toilet to the flange to keep it secure and stable.
  • Trip lever: The trip lever is a metal bar that’s connected to the flush handle. When the flush lever is pushed down, the trip lever lifts and pulls up the tank ball to flush the toilet.
  • Flapper: The flapper is a flat piece at the end of the chain that keeps water from constantly flowing into the toilet bowl. When the handle is pushed down, the flapper is lifted up to let water into the toilet.
  • Fill valve: The fill valve moderates the flow of water to prevent the toilet from overflowing. As water fills the tank, the fill valve floats up. When the water in the tank reaches the top of the fill valve, it stops the water from flowing.

Fixing toilet problems

Some of the most common toilet repairs in Raleigh, NC include repairs for leaking and overflowing. Since there are so many different components that are used to moderate water flow and prevent overflowing, even a small issue with one component can cause serious problems when it comes to water levels.

Sometimes these problems are caused by a connection issue between different components. Connection problems can often be fixed simply by reconnecting or tightening the connections between different parts. However, some issues are more complicated and require part replacement. A professional plumber can assess the issue and recommend the repair that makes the most sense based on the circumstances.

Toilet and plumbing repairs

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